Daily auto-built images

The following images are autobuilt daily using the Debian Buster (10) repositories. They have not been tested at all, and be aware that might break every now and then! (please let us know if you think that is the case). Available files:

Most useful files

The following are the files you definitively want to get. The image file is the data itself, and the shasum is useful to verify against data corruption (most often due to interrupted downloads). Please refer to the instructions to flash an image for further instructions.

Raspberry family xz-compressed (≈250-350MB) Uncompressed (1.5GB)
0 and 1 Image file Image file
  SHA256 sums SHA256 sums
2 Image file Image file
  Sha256 sums Sha256 sums
3 Image file Image file
  Sha256 sums Sha256 sums
4 Image file Image file
  Sha256 sums Sha256 sums

Useful for debugging

In case you have to report something, please include the relevant files matching the version you are reporting:

Raspberry family Tarball for the base system YAML spec for vmdb build Build log
0 and 1 raspi_0w.tar.gz raspi_0w.yaml raspi_0w.log
2 raspi_2.tar.gz raspi_2.yaml raspi_2.log
3 raspi_3.tar.gz raspi_3.yaml raspi_3.log
4 raspi_4.tar.gz raspi_4.yaml raspi_4.log